Achieving Proper Moisture Balance


We all have skin but everyone’s skin is different and requires different levels of care. However, one thing that is universal when it comes to skincare is Moisture Balance. With the proper balance, things can go one of two ways. If you don’t have enough moisture, you’re going to end up with parched, flaky, tight skin. If you have too much moisture, you’re going to have enlarged pores, breakouts and shine.

Balance comes in from the inside and outside. To balance your skin’s moisture from the inside, you’ll need to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. There are supplements that help promote clear skin if you needed added help.

To balance your skin’s moisture from the outside, your cleanser and moisturizer are key. Make sure to determine what type of skin you have and buy products that are suited to that skin type and follow the instructions on the bottles. Never rinse with water that is too hot or too cold and don’t scrub roughly.

You’ll know when you have the right balance because your skin will feel soft and it will look clear without the shine!

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