Male Laser Hair Removal

Male Laser Hair Removal

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Everyone, including men are bothered by too much hair on the body. While many men enjoy the growth of facial hair, they do not hold the same favorable view of hair on other parts of the body. They find hairy backs, chests, legs, and private parts bothersome.

The best option when a man is concerned with this type of hair growth is professional male laser hair removal. The thing to note about laser hair removal is the color of hair plays a part in the time needed to remove it.

The laser focuses on the pigment Melanin, which means individuals with dark hair will find that their treatment tends to be faster than blondes. The laser penetrates deep into the hair shaft stopping the hair follicle from functioning. This process only works in the first of three stages of hair growth. As such, up to 3 repeat sessions may be required to fully remove hair in each region of the body.

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