How Does Eyebrow Lamination Works?


Eyebrow Lamination is the process of adding pigment to your eyebrows to increase the depth and life. This process is very popular in the cosmetics industry, but it is also popular among those who have naturally thin or fine hair. With eyebrow laminating, you can get the eyebrows you want without sacrificing any volume or length to your hair. This cosmetic method is safe for all skin types and works well on both straight and curly hair. You can choose any color or combination of colors you want as long as it blends with your natural hair color.

Microblading is the technical term used to describe how the application of eyeliner and eyebrow lamination is made. When done properly, the result looks like a very subtle line that barely stands out from the surrounding skin. The procedure is normally done on the uppermost portion of the brows to achieve an appealing effect.

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