Why Use Vitamin B12 Spray?

Why Use Vitamin B12 Spray?

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Vitamin B12 Spray allow the body to absorb the vitamin through the mouth meaning it avoids intestinal absorption like pills. Instead, it is absorbed through the oral mucosa. This is especially helpful if the body cannot break down the abnormally large B12 molecule. Sometimes the stomach does not produce the substance needed to break down the large molecule in B12 or there could be other conditions in the body preventing you from being able to absorb the vitamin: Gluten intolerance, MTHFR Genetic Mutation, and the presence of H Pylori Bacteria.

Having enough Vitamin B12 in your body ensures several bodily functions:

1) Reduces macular degeneration; improves mood and relieves symptoms of depression.
2) Prevents the loss of neurons in the brain; boosts your energy level.
3) Makes the heart healthier by increasing homocysteine.
4) It supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.
5) Creates red blood cells.
6) Prevents anemia.
7) Prevents major birth defects.
8) Supports bone health and prevents osteoporosis.
9) Carries oxygen throughout the body.

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