What Is Testosterone Therapy?

What Is Testosterone Therapy?

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Testosterone is involved in the production and maintenance of bone density, muscle mass, facial and body hair, red blood cells and sperm in a man’s body. Testosterone therapy is sometimes used in men when they have low testosterone levels; sometimes this is due to medical issues that prevent their body from producing the hormone naturally.

The hormone is produced in a man’s testicles and levels in a man’s body are usually highest between adolescence and early adulthood. As men become older production gradually declines naturally. In some cases, however, very low testosterone levels may indicate a problem with a man’s testicles or the pituitary gland and can lead to potential health problems.

In these cases, testosterone replacement therapy is provided to help maintain normal testosterone levels. This therapy can come in the form of injections, tablets, patches or gels and helps to alleviate the signs and symptoms of low testosterone.

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