Why Buy A Rose Quartz Drink Bottle

Why Buy A Rose Quartz Drink Bottle

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For those who believe the healing properties of rose quartz, water that encounters the rose quartz and is then drank will impart much of those positive benefits. That is the main reason someone would buy a rose quartz drink bottle.

Remember, the amount of water held by the bottle is reduced by the size of the quartz crystal. The crystal is to be a focal point that gives you some degree of comfort as you receive all the benefits of the crystal:

Spices up your romance.

Encourages understanding.

Eases a broken heart,

Inspires love, compassion, and peace.

Calms those suffering from trauma.

Stimulates self-love.

Balance’s emotions.

Enables one to feel tenderness.

Makes the transition through a mid-life crisis easier.

Heals the lungs.

Makes couples fertile.

Clears a bad complexion.

Generates understanding, forgiveness, and trust.

Inspires love and kindness.

Gets loves ones through grieve with greater ease.

Promotes maternal love and friendship.

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