Who that guy Investify.Ai?


Big deal to invest money without risks in 2019 – the ICO and the boom for startups shaked the market. Fin bubbles occurs every 5-10 years and repulse investors. For residents of Russia and post soviet who do not receive sufficient financial education, the investment market is completely dangerous and unreliable.

As in any business field, as soon as entrepreneurs see an opportunity to solve the problem of a large number of users, they immediately digs into the search for its solution. The new product from Ivestify.ai has set itself the goal of minimizing the increased risks when investing and buying shares. Based on hundreds of thousands of transactions, the training system builds the optimal combinations and portfolios for Ivestify service customers.

Ivestify.ai collects data on transactions and company information using hundreds of sources of information to identify trends and risks when buying stocks. Sanji Bakuti, the founder of the company, tells the Times that their algorithms can reduce the risk of investing by 80%, thereby blurring the line between venture and traditional investment. A smart predicative system will tell the user amount for contribution, predict the risks, and display the optimal investment rate for a particular user.

The founders said that service should become available worldwide by the end of 2019. First will take place restart in the USA, where the company already has popularity and thousands of users, the developers have prepared the release of a new version, which is planned to be launched on the markets of Europe and the Russia in the coming months.

It’s will be first time when company just launched in US market started expansion to east so quickly. This tags company as fast growing and creates strong competition in the market. Most likely, new algorithms for artificial intelligence will increase the fans of the platform and will be able to delay the users of old companies that do not invest in innovation.

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