What’s So Mad About Mad Honey?

What’s So Mad About Mad Honey?

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Mad Honey is a particular type of honey that is found only in certain parts of the world like Nepal, Brazil, and a few other countries. It gets its name because of its poisoning or intoxicating effect that causes the person that consumes it to hallucinate. The honey has this unique effect because of the nectar that the bees use to make it, which comes from the Rhododendron plants.

These plants naturally produce nectar that has grayanotoxins, which, apart from inducing hallucination, can also cause vomiting and dizziness if too much of it is introduced into the body. People seek this honey for recreational purposes. But some believe that it has health benefits. The natives of the area where the honey is extracted consume it regularly as it is said to benefit people with gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, chronic pain, and arthritis.

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