The Reasons To Buy Mad Honey

The Reasons To Buy Mad Honey

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Grayanotoxins are the neurotoxins found in rhododendron flowers. These are evergreen flowers that grow in mountainous and temperate areas around the world. Bees that collect the nectar from the rhododendron flower produce mad honey. Other names for which mad honey is known: Crazy honey; Rhedendon honey; hallucinogenic honey and Komar Bali; Deli Bal; and Tutan Bal World.

The consumer can buy this legal substance from any number of sellers. It is sold off the shelf at grocery stores, online from several ecommerce vendors and at farmer’s markets by private honey farms. If you choose to buy mad honey, keep these notes in mind.

So far, mad honey has been found to relieve arthritis, sexual dysfunctions, cold sores, hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. The active ingredients are the grayanotoxins. Studies have shown it is effective in relieving all the above listed conditions.

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