What Is An Eco Water Bottle?


We drink water constantly in order to remain hydrated and often purchase mineral and other types of water in plastic bottles. When you think about how many litres of water you drink each day and how many plastic bottles get thrown away afterwards it can be quite confronting; especially if you’re concerned about the effect that plastics are having on our environment.

An eco water bottle is essentially one that you can re-use simply by re-filling it with water once it’s empty. Some are made with food grade quality stainless steel or non-toxic plastic and are made sturdily enough that they will potentially last a lifetime. Some have straws built into them to make drinking easier while others come with a wide mouth so that you can add ice cubes if you want.

Manufacturers are making these re-usable water bottles in every style and color you could think of so next time you’re taking a drink of water from your bottle, think about the environment and make sure it’s an eco-friendly one.

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