Insulated Roof Panels Reduce Energy Costs

Insulated Roof Panels Reduce Energy Costs

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For promoting energy efficiency in buildings, insulation is a must. 25% of heat is lost through roofs, and here is where insulated roof panels can offer a cost-effective solution.

These panels come in many profiles and colors and make for pleasing design options. Insulated panels are made of metal skins that have an insulating core between them. They are weather-sealed when constructed and thus make for a thermal and moisture barrier. They come in a wide variety of thicknesses that meet the R-value of requirements defined in building regulations.

Traditional roofing with insulation will have many layers that require a longer construction time. These insulated panels make for a single layer that allows for faster construction. Metal panels are immune to attack from fungi and mold or termites, and this gives them added longevity and reduces the need for maintenance.

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