What Is A Security Risk Management Aide Memoire?


The Security Risk Management Aide Memoire is a small booklet designed to be an aid for memory in security risk management practice. It condenses material from the Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge as well as containing additional material related to security management practice.

The book is designed so that risk management professionals can have the models, diagrams and frameworks contained in a convenient booklet form that can be placed in a pocket or have available in digital form on their phone. It is also useful when key concepts need to be explained to others.

The models are designed to be a starting point. Careful readers will notice internal inconsistencies; this is so that users don’t rely on any particular method or tool as being the only correct method. Users are encouraged to adapt and tailor the concepts to suit their own situation and if they have suggestions for a future edition to share them on the forum or contact the publisher.

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