What Is A Lighting Audit?

What Is A Lighting Audit?

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A lighting audit is process of measuring lighting conditions in a manufacturing plant against standards to conduct an energy audit for lighting.

The purpose of lighting audits is to determine the quantity and quality of available light sources and to determine where changes must be made. This involves performing a walk-through of work areas and determining where light levels are too high, where lights are being used unnecessarily and any factors leading to visual discomfort that could inhibit productivity or safety. The type, quantity, location and height of lamps and fixtures are also recorded. Detailed measurements of illumination levels are taken with a lightmeter, both at specific work areas and for general overall lighting.

Once the audit is complete, solutions for inadequate lighting can be assessed such as performing a simple retrofit which involves switching from general lighting to specific lighting for work areas or whether more significant changes need to be made.

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