What Are Golf Club Loft Degrees?

What Are Golf Club Loft Degrees?

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The degree of loft on a golf club separates it from other clubs by the flight and distance of shots that the club can produce; this depends on golf club loft degrees. A lower degree of loft, for example, sends the ball further whilst a higher loft degree launches the ball up into the air with more spin and covering less distance.

In today’s modern clubs there really are no set lofts with manufacturers bringing out clubs at a variety of different lofts to get the right flight for the golfer. High launching, forgiving irons come with stronger loft degrees because the ball launches high anyway and doesn’t need the extra lift. A lower loft and a centre of gravity positioned low and back, tends to result in high iron shots that travel a long way.

Better players tend to like weaker, more traditional lofts because they are good enough that they can strike the ball in the middle of the club more often than not so can get all the launch they need.

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