Practice Using Indoor Cricket Nets

Practice Using Indoor Cricket Nets

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Indoor cricket nets facilitate practice of the game to sharpen or improve playing skills. They consist of nets hung up on either side of a row and perhaps an overhead net. There is an entry on one end with three sides netted.

The netted lanes allow one to two players to practice their cricket plays. In sports facilities there can be many of these lanes (ten or more) for multiple individual players or duos to practice their game. Depending on the height of the ceiling, the nets can extend down from it 3 to 8 meters or 10 to 26 feet to the ground.

All the netting is white in color and made of mesh except the section on either side of the batsmen. While the rest of the netting is open mesh and see through, the batsmen have a separate area of the lane with 9 feet high canvas screens to stop visual distractions and sturdy enough to stop a fast flying ball.

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