What Are Airscrubbers Used For?

What Are Airscrubbers Used For?

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According to some estimates, the air we breathe indoors can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Indoor spaces contain pollutants such as dust, odors, chemicals, and microscopic living organisms. Air scrubbers are one way of dealing with these pollutants.

They work by acting like a negative aid fan that purifies and filters the air in a home. Manufacturers have claimed that these scrubbers can get rid of over 90% of pollutants. In addition, they can also help to disinfect surfaces in a home such as counter-tops and doorknobs by preventing pollutants from settling on them.

A scrubbing machine is fitted to an HVAC system. When you turn on the air-conditioning system air is passed through a titanium-coated honeycomb matrix. As it does so, a UV light is used to kill airborne germs which are then filtered out of the air that is delivered by the system.

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