What Are 3D Rendering Services Used For?

What Are 3D Rendering Services Used For?

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3D rendering refers to the process of converting building plans, site plans or other three dimensional representations into 3D images that help to visualize the final product by applying photo-realistic surfaces and finishes to it. It is often used with architectural drawings to show how a home will look when it is completed.

Exterior renderings show the outside of the property and can also include features of the land surrounding it such as fences, pools, gardens and vegetation. Interior renders show the inside structure and rooms of a house including hallways and doors so that the buyer can see how the house will look when it is complete. In addition, floor materials, wall colours and other elements can be displayed and changed on the fly to show how they will look. Because this process requires specialized hardware and software it is usually outsourced to 3D rendering services providers.

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