The Remarkable Power Of The Shungine Crystal Pyramid

The Remarkable Power Of The Shungine Crystal Pyramid

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In recent times, the shungine crystal pyramid has been in demand for homes and offices. Shungine is a black stone found in the village of Shunga, Russia. Its structure is distinguished by fullerenes, 3-D molecules made of sixty carbon atoms. In addition to its intense blackness, this composition endows the stone with unique electromagnetic properties. Claims include that the shungine pyramid eliminates harmful toxins from the surrounding air, purifies water and that it promotes growth and healing.

The basis for this belief is that shungine formed two billion years ago, before life appeared on earth. Experts have long theorized that carbon molecules aligning themselves in various ways became the basis for life as we know it, and that the unique molecular structure of shungine was the forerunner of this life. True shungine is matt black, though traces of other minerals may add a grey or golden tinge to its surface. Whatever its tone, the lustrous shungine pyramid appears remarkable amid modern furnishings.

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