VW Carbon Fibre Mod Application


Give your Volkswagen car a stylish makeover with the help of carbon fibre mod. This solution is used extensively to give the interior trims a beautiful look. The VW carbon fibre modding ensures you have the latest look and feel on your car surfaces. It can be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. The interior trims get a new look different than the wood trim look. On the outside, it is used for the top surfaces of the bonnet, boot and some other parts. Protect your bonnet from the stone chips, road grit, dead flies and rust.

The carbon mod will cover the bonnet completely and protect it from dents, marks and scratches. The fibre has a luxurious 3D texture. Your vehicle will stand out from the crowd. It will have a sporty touch that will make people look at it again. Make sure the underneath of this layer is washed every few months. The carbon fibre sheet will be installed on several small parts of the car’s interior area.

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