Essential Native Australian Seeds

Essential Native Australian Seeds

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Native Australian seeds contain wonderful life sustaining plants inside of them just waiting to come to life. Some seeds are the size of a grain of sand while others are larger than a ping-pong ball. No matter the size of the seed they each grow a plant that is essential for the survival of the wildlife in Australia.

The bottlebrush is a bush type plant that has eye popping red bottle brush shaped tips on each branch. These native Australian plants are said to be easy to grow and attract a lot of wildlife to them.

No list would be complete without the addition of the waratah. This gorgeous plant blooms a very large flower on top. The flower comes in many colors from white to deep red. It is one of the most well known flower in southern Australia.

For apartment dwellers and those just wishing for house plants the Kangaroo paw will do the trick. The little blooms that appear on the plant look like their namesake.

Most seeds that are native to the area survive best in full sun. All they take is a little of soil, a little water, and a lot of patience to grow into what they are meant to be.

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