Vacation Rentals In Bilbao

Vacation Rentals In Bilbao

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There are thousands of vacation rentals in Spain, and if you have already visited the popular coastal resorts, Bilbao is a great choice for somewhere different. Located close to the country’s north coast, the city has become one of the cultural centers of Spain; as well as the strikingly modern Guggenheim Museum, it’s known for its Fine Arts Museum and museum showcasing local Basque culture. The city has become a food lover’s destination too, with over 40 Michelin star restaurants. Other reasons to spend time here include the remarkable 19th century hanging bridge, the city’s old quarter, home to shops, cafes and dozens of beautiful churches, and the La Ribera market, one of Europe’s largest. It’s easy to find a vacation rental here, although if you choose to stay in the city, you should expect somewhere smaller and with limited or no outdoor space.

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