Using Low Floor Bed

Using Low Floor Bed

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Some people prefer to have a nice low floor bed in their home. Many ultra-high-end, high head/footboards beds have solid wood frame construction with a headboard that is either one or two inches thick and has solid, strong arms holding up the frame. Still, the lower bed frame is more open and allows the legs to slide down the edge to accommodate a bigger bed underneath.

The lower level beds provide less privacy to a room because they are not as high. Many research studies have shown that when people sleep on a high-head and/or high bed, they feel trapped between two points on the bed and have to look over their environment. People who sleep on a lower bed have reported sleeping better than those who sleep on a higher level bed. The lower bed also allows for more storage space underneath, so they have more places for bedding, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.

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