The Square Patio Table Cover

The Square Patio Table Cover

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Patios are an outdoor room or space for people to gather and enjoy enjoyable conversation and/or food. Most people will furnish that patio with a table and chairs. The table could be rectangular or square and it may make sense to cover it when it’s not in use or in inclement weather to preserve it close to its original condition.

If you are looking for a square patio table cover, you will have a lot of variations to consider. You could get a 300, 600, 900, or 1000 Denier polyester cover with a durable water repellent finish and an undercoating polyurethane. This fabric can be machine washed with detergent or bleached. It is resistant to water-based staining, and it will be cool to the touch in the heat of summer. There are also covers made from polyester laminated with thermoplastic polyurethane or spun-bonded polypropylene. Most covers are breathable, UV resistant and waterproof.

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