Unique Products From Panama


There are many different types of products from Panama, but a few that are unique to the region. Here are 3 of the most popular products to buy.


Artisans produce amazing bags made from vegetable fibres, which are known as chácaras or cebaderas. They decorate these beautiful bags with natural dyes. You can find them in a variety of bright colors and very attractive designs.

Belmont Stone

Also known as soapstone, sculptors make many types of figures out of this material, which comes from Coclé. You can find these figures in pretty much any market across the country and they make for a perfect souvenir.

Handicrafts made from seeds and fruits

The indigenous people of the country have been using pumpkin and palm seeds to create works of art for centuries. The fruit of the pumpkin is used to decorate pots with. You can find these items in a number of jewellery shops in the area.

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