Top Tips You should Remember when Creating a Sign for Your Business. 

Top Tips You should Remember when Creating a Sign for Your Business. 

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Signs are everywhere – every city and town has them, especially when there is a proliferation of businesses in a particular area. And even though many promotional and marketing efforts are now done online or in the digital world, there’s still something about a good old-fashioned sign which can serve as a definite attraction to customers. Most businesses still rely on the good old-fashioned sign right outside their door, and for good reason. But when you’re thinking about a sign for your business, it still pays to do it right. So how do you then create a sign that suits your business and the message you want to relay? More importantly, how do you create a sign which can impress and draw in your customers? Here are top tips you should remember when creating a sign for your business.

  1. A compelling, attention-grabbing colour

Your choice of colours will have a huge impact on the success of your business’ signage. Just think of well-known brand colours such as red for Coca-Cola, yellow for McDonald’s, and so on. If you want people to recognise your brand and your trademark, think very carefully about the colours you use for your sign. Also, whilst some companies and businesses may find the allure of ‘trendy’ colours attractive, you should design your signage with longevity in mind. Think of the long-term and not the short term. A colour which may be trendy and exciting now may not be suitable for your business in the end.

  1. Lots of good contrast

When you are coming up with a sign for your business, try to think of contrast as well. If you want an engaging and attractive sign, think of contrast. For instance, most of the signs we see today have graphics or text in front, with a continuous colour serving as a background. But make sure that the contrast between the front (graphics and text) and the background is easily seen and clear. One rule of thumb is a light-coloured background with a darker text or graphics colour, or the exact opposite. Try to avoid mixing colours which are similar in hue or shade as this can lessen the visibility of your sign’s graphics or text. If you want, you can also use a dark outline or shadowing around the lettering of your text to make it stand out.

  1. The right size

The right size does matter, as an experienced signage design company will tell you. Simply speaking, the larger the sign, the easier people can read it. This is especially true for signs along the road or signs which will be seen from a distance. Here’s an extra tip: if you want your sign to be clear and visible from a certain distance of, say, 100 feet, then perhaps your lettering for your sign should be about 10 inches. This usually works for the sign’s visibility. Also, don’t forget that the typeface you choose can affect the visibility of your sign – whilst flowery fonts can be attractive, they might make your sign challenging to read.

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