Tips for Selecting a Contractor for Pile Foundation

Tips for Selecting a Contractor for Pile Foundation

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One of the most important parts of a building is its foundations, if a structure isn’t built on the right foundations, it could face numerous problems, including complete structural failure. There are two types of foundations, one being shallow and the other deep. Shallow foundations are good for normal ground, while deep foundations require something more stable, this is where piling groundwork comes in.


As in any industry, a company with many years of experience and knowledge will be able to properly understand your needs when it comes to a specific project. When selecting piling contractors, it is important to pick a company who specialise in groundwork and foundation piling. If the construction company doesn’t specialise in these areas, they should at least have a division that is dedicated to piling foundations.

If the company only offers piling foundations as an additional service, it is better to avoid them and stick to an organisation who focus solely on pile foundations. When hiring, you should ask about their track record, some companies specialise in commercial work, while others deal with residential projects.

Equipment & Personnel

It is important to ask a wide range of questions prior to hiring a piling contractor, you must be positive that they offer an excellent service which includes work carried out by their own personnel. Some contractors don’t have the right equipment or expertise to complete certain aspects of a project, so they hire subcontractors to complete the work. The problem with this is you get stuck with additional costs because they had to hire extra equipment, or they don’t have someone who is skilled enough to complete a certain task.

Make sure the contractor you select has the requisite skills and equipment to finish your project without hiring subcontractors.


A professional piling contractor should be able to offer a guarantee, if they are confident in their work, they should be able to back up their claims by providing a warranty. If a business is hesitant to give any guarantees, it is time to look elsewhere for a piling contractor. If they can’t offer at least a 1-year warranty on their services, you should reconsider their credentials. If you dig a little deeper, you may find the reason for their reluctance to offer any guarantees.


Although it isn’t the most important thing when choosing a contractor, price is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. As mentioned above, a higher cost may indicate a poorly equipped company. Take some time to consider your options and get numerous quotes off various piling contractors. Consult with any contacts you have in the construction industry to find out more information on pricing structures for piling foundations.

Hiring a professional piling contractor doesn’t have to be a challenge, once you take your time with your decision and conduct some research, you should be able to find a reputable company who offer their services at a reasonable price. It is important to use an experienced team who can perform every task required for the project without hiring subcontractors.

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