The Versatility Of Grey Bricks

The Versatility Of Grey Bricks

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Grey bricks take modern tones to an entirely different level by coupling them with tonal variation and texture. With a brick covered in grey, you have the perfect blend of modern and old, creating an excellent wall texture for any contemporary home or just a great addition to your existing grey walls. The greyness of these tiles gives them a very distinctive look, which some people may find disturbing. However, many will find this look charming and will consider this a fantastic twist on their otherwise grey walls.

One aspect of the use of these grey bricks that should not be overlooked is the fact that they can create a dramatic effect when used to unite different colors together. For example, if you were to use the grey-colored brick alongside a pale blue wall, the combination can look amazing, giving the illusion that the two walls are part of one large solid color.

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