The Importance Of Storytelling For A Product Manager


A product manager’s job is not only about getting products to market as efficiently and cost effectively as possible; it is also about communicating to customers the need for a given product in their lives and the benefits that it brings. Even with the best product in a market, companies can lose out to a competitor if they don’t create a clear and compelling argument for how their product will benefit customers.

Product manager storytelling refers to the way in which a product is made into the focus of a story that solves a customer’s problem. This must be simple and persuasive so that the message can be understood by anyone and the best way to do this is to package the ideas into a story. When trying to persuade someone to buy a product it is much easier to make an emotional appeal through a narrative than by simply listing its features and cost-effectiveness. The more compelling the story is the more impact it will have on the customer.

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