A Lab That Can Do Forced Degradation


What exactly is forced degradation? It is a term used in several industries, especially in the pharmaceutical trade. It means subjecting a chemical or object to conditions that break down its structural integrity in order to examine the effects of natural wear. In the case of drugs, chemicals break apart when subject to heat or sometimes freezing temperatures. The heat accelerates the rate of decomposition that would take place at room temperatures. These studies are used to determine the longevity of a drug as it is kept under warehouse conditions.

This type of research is essential for any type of medicine, but it is important for any other chemical product, including plastics. Plastic will also deteriorate under conditions of heat and ultraviolet light. This shows how a plastic product will break down if used outside. These types of tests are best done by pros, so it pays to know where to find them and what their specialties are.

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