The Erection Ring—what is the fuss?

The Erection Ring—what is the fuss?

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An erection ring will slow the flow of blood back from your penis to maintain an erection—you need to place it around the base of the penis. Most of them are made from a flexible material like silicone, rubber or even plastic.

Some erection rings come in two parts—one circle fit around the penis and another one constricting the penis. For most users, the ring will help you maintain an erection for a longer time.

ED rings will work best if you have a full or partial erection but struggle to maintain it. These sex gadgets will prevent blood from flowing back with the penis erect.

You can also use the erection ring with a pump or ED vacuum which will fit over your penis; Blood is pulled gently into the penis by the vacuum created. You can buy erection rings on their own or alongside pumps and vacuums.








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