The Benefits NDIS Accommodation Options

The Benefits NDIS Accommodation Options

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People living with a disability find it frustrating and stressful to find a residential house. NDIS support such persons and help them get their dream homes. Here are some NDIS accommodation options.

Community Housing

The union pays for support services to ascertain that you live independently. Besides, the association ensures the apartments have alternative walkways to match your needs. The houses come at a subsidized price.

Private Rental

The option requires you to use your money to rent space in a private apartment. However, the NDIS pays for property modification to fit your lifestyle. Note the union is not responsible for the rent and amenity costs.

Family Home

NDIS also funds in-home support. They also train your caregivers. The family home option allows you to be around your family.


NDIS aims at providing decent and comfortable accommodation to its members. Apply for any support you require to live an independent life. In addition, borrow construction ideas from NDIS when building your home.

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