Spider Veins Treatment Options

Spider Veins Treatment Options

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While spider veins are not hazardous to one’s health, they can still be unsightly. This is why so many may opt for spider veins treatment to remove and/or reduce the appearance. However, not all treatments are the same. One of the first lines of defense in treatment, is also a prevention method, compression stockings. In addition to assisting in prevention of future spider veins, they can help decrease the appearance of current ones. A second option is laser treatments. Laser treatments create tiny clots to block off affected vessels, allowing for reabsorption by the body. Sclerotherapy is one of the most common treatments. With sclerotherapy, the vein is collapsed and is also reabsorbed. Although these are the most effective treatments for spider veins, it is important to keep in mind that more than one treatment is often necessary and prevention will be ongoing.

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