Some Facts About Female Veterans

Some Facts About Female Veterans

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Here are some facts about women veterans:

• The current percentage of female veterans in the United States is approximately 10%.

• In 2017 the median age of women veterans was 51 while male veterans’ median age was 65.

• The middle range of ages in women veterans (45 to 64 years) represents the largest group that are Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) patients. Among the conditions that afflict these women are cardiovascular problems, hypertension, weight issues/obesity, mental health conditions (such as depression), joint and spine disorders and eyesight and dermatological issues, among others.

• About a third of women that present for health care through VHA answer in the affirmative when screened for Military Sexual Trauma (MST) issues.

• While incidences of MST are higher among women veterans, there are also significant numbers of men that report being subject to MST during their time serving their country.

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