Shopping For The Best Wakeboard Ropes And Handles


Wakeboarding is not for the faint-hearted and requires equipment that is as tough and resilient as the sport. Beginner or pro, you need wakeboard ropes and handles that give the right length, strength, and weight to pull off those amazing tricks.

The recommended length for wakeboard rope is 65 feet but can be adjusted as experience and skill levels increase. The strength of the rope will be determined by its material. While beginners can benefit from shock-absorbing Poly E ropes, experienced athletes may opt for resistant, non-stretch types like Spectra and Dyneema.

Choosing a wakeboard handle is mostly determined by comfort and how well you can perform with it. Wider handles generally make performing tricks easier while the diameter affects grip. There are many designs available, some lighter than others, ranging from EVA to carbon fiber.

Make sure your wakeboarding equipment is up to the challenge by choosing rope and handle designs that offer the right length, texture, grip, resistance and comfort.

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