Reasons To Go Diving In Thailand

Reasons To Go Diving In Thailand

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Thailand is an ocean-lovers paradise and is justifiably one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth that attracts over one million people a year. Its stunning beaches are an obvious drawcard as well as its balmy, tropical weather and its beautiful and welcoming people.

Located in the center of South Asia it offers gorgeous tropical beaches and, just offshore in its plentiful coral reefs, a wealth of marine life for underwater diving enthusiasts to enjoy. There are a huge number of unique diving sites to enjoy in the country and, for the more adventurous, some new sites yet to be discovered off the beaten track. The best thing about Thailand diving is that you can go diving at any time of the year that strikes your fancy. The best times, however, are between November and April after the sharks have left the reefs and particularly after October when many of the country’s marine reserves re-open.

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