Promotional Merchandise Worth Giving This Christmas

Promotional Merchandise Worth Giving This Christmas

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Christmas is a perfect time to advertise your company. It is the time when people are willing to take money out of their pockets to spend on gifts and rewards for themselves. Businesses make the most of the customers’ mood by providing lots of promotions and discounts. It is also the right time for you to send out free merchandise for your target audience.

You want them to feel that you are grateful to them for their loyalty. At the same time, you know that handing out free merchandise is an extension of your marketing technique. If you’re thinking of giving something to your loyal customers and target audiences for free, here are ideas to consider.

  • Umbrellas. People need umbrellas regardless of the time of the year. If you want them to appreciate what you give, an umbrella is a good idea. The name or logo of your company could also appear on the umbrella. Once the user opens it, you already have a walking model whom you are not paying to advertise your product.
  • Mugs. Christmas is quite chilly in some places but freezing in others. When you give mugs, people will not only appreciate that you gave them one but will definitely use it. If they use it at work or in other places, and the mug has the name and logo of your company, it is easy to advertise your products.
  • Caps. People love wearing a cap not only for its function but for fashion. You want the cap to be a part of the advertising campaign for your business. However, you need to limit the size of the name or logo of the company. Otherwise, people will not feel like wearing the cap anymore.
  • T-shirts. Just like caps, people love wearing stylish shirts. It is also apparel that is a must-have in every closet, regardless of gender or age. If you are giving shirts for free, several people will feel excited about using them. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to come up with the best shirt designs. You can look for a fast t-shirt printing company, and you will receive what you need within a few days.

Think of the design

You need to take time thinking about how the merchandise will look. You want to advertise your brand, but you don’t want to turn people off because you make them into advertising models without paying them. The size of the images or company name on the merchandise should be proportionate to the size of the item.

You can’t lose your company’s identity in the design. You need to take time thinking about how it would look like. You can ask help from the employees in your company since they also share your values. They know what type of design would help promote your brand. You can conduct a poll at work to help you determine what kind of design would be suitable for your chosen merchandise.


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