Most Common German Words


German is a widely spoken language throughout Europe and can at first glance seem quite a daunting language to learn. However, it is accepted that by familiarizing yourself with as little as 5% of the vocabulary, it would allow an individual to actually converse reasonably easily. By focusing on some of the most common words it permits the opportunity to develop a good understanding and communicate successfully.

Many of the common German words can be translated fairly comfortably into English due to their similarity. Words such as hallo, gut, kaffee, bier, tee and fisch, sound very much like their English interpretations of hello, good, coffee, beer, tea and fish.

Other common words that are moderately easy to remember include: nein (no), ja (yes), danke (thank you), heute (today), kommen (come), wasser (water), liebe (love), komisch (funny) and wunderbar (wonderful).

Indeed, throughout the English language are many words that have been incorporated into the everyday vocabulary which actually originated from the German language.

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