Medications And Birth Defects


At some in life, everyone will need to take a medication for some sort of ailment. Whether it be a chronic illness or infection, prescription drugs save lives, regulate symptoms and help us get better. However, most medications do come with a list of possible side effects and one of those side effects is birth defects.

If you look carefully at the label of most medications, you’ll see instructions for pregnant women. There is a proven link between Medications and birth defects and this is why pregnant women have to take extra precautions.

To avoid birth defects if you need to take prescription drugs during your pregnancy, make sure to have an informed discussion with your doctor and ask lots of questions. Make sure you know what the pros and cons are of taking the particular medication, read all labels thoroughly and report any adverse reactions you have while taking it. One sure way of avoiding defects is to not take any prescription or over-the-counter drugs at all unless they are absolutely needed.

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