Making Sustainable Women’s Slippers


With over 300 million pairs of shoes being discarded annually, it is important to make shoes that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical. Since so many materials used to make shoes do not biodegrade quickly and pollute the environment when discarded, it is important to buy shoes that cause no harm. Sustainable womens slippers is one place we can start to make a positive change in our consumerism.

Sustainable shoes should be made of vegan faux leather, ethical wool, bamboo, hemp, jute, cork, cotton, and linen. The soles of those shoes should be composed of natural rubber or vegan leather.

For a material to be sustainable, it must meet several criteria:

Producing the slipper must have a negligible impact on nature.

The slipper cannot be produced by an industry or company that violates human rights or ethical labor practices.

The slipper must be made by a company with green business practices, has a mindset of giving back to the community and believes in inclusivity for all races, genders, and sizes.

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