Main Features for Sportsbooks’ success


Representatives from various businesses live in a fast and demanding world. To take sportsbooks as an example, some of the top-rated companies suffer more from a lack of resources than others. It concerns the choice of business niche, the introduction of new technologies. Many companies pay minimal consideration to the quality of the site, which in turn results in a reduction of the total number of fans.

BETER is a platform that develops comprehensive, end-to-end fast betting solutions and adapts them to clients’ business models. At present time, the platform is a leading provider of sports and esports content, live streaming, live data and odds to representatives of sports betting operators.

The company solutions not only allow sportsbooks to fill free airtime with engaging content but also ensure permanent, predictable income and maximum performance.

What can BETER give: challenges and solutions 

There are the main challenges in the sportsbook industry and following solutions from BETER to consider.

  • Inaccuracy of odds. Betting operators use a wide range of sources to calculate the real odds on an outcome. The work plan took into account the suggestions made by experts. Also it includes statistics and other data. But often It will be found that the estimation of odds involves several uncertainties. BETER team members calculate highly accurate odds. Specialists use high-end trading tools and in-house IT solutions. Thus, trading experts were the first team in the world to pour themselves into live CS:GO trading.
  • Lack of new content. The engagement of sports fans depends on an approach to the choice of sports disciplines. To get a key to a worldwide audience, companies will have to think out of the box. The platform provides live streaming of Setka Cup and EsportsBattle matches. There are 22,000+ events monthly. Besides, BETER gives an ideal number of markets for each match, which provides bettors’ with needs.
  • Unfriendly clients service. Sportsbooks sometimes can’t choose the right channel of communication. This has adverse effects on customers loyalty. BETER presents 24/7/365 support, client console, marketing kit assistance and a wide range of services.

The recent past has shown what can be achieved due to the platform activities. At present, BETER cooperates with market leaders, who are ready for the best results and get in touch with the platform.

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