Lighting Audits Are Highly Recommended

Lighting Audits Are Highly Recommended

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Lighting audits are an excellent way for any business to ensure that they comply with electrical safety standards. An audit is conducted when a business owner feels a risk from using non-compliance colors or lights in their building. It is performed by a qualified person who has the correct qualifications to do an audit and inspect the property to find out if the wiring is up to scratch or not.

You can also hire someone to carry out this service for you. The majority of businesses will choose to carry out an audit themselves; however, if you are in a position where you have questions, it might be worth considering having an external party perform the audit. They may also offer suggestions on how you can make improvements within your property to avoid future problems.

During a lighting audit, one of the main areas of focus will be switches and circuit boards. The purpose of this is to check that they are in proper working order and that they are safely installed. The inspector will also want to check that all wiring has been correctly attached and check that the correct number of lights are fitted. It may be necessary to replace faulty lights or explain why they are faulty.

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