Keto Snack Recipes You Need

Keto Snack Recipes You Need

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If you are starting a keto diet, then Keto Snack Recipes are something you need to know to help you when you are hungry but want to tide yourself over to your next meal. The idea with keto is to go with high fat, low carb foods to not only leave you feeling full but to keep you in or at least on your way to ketosis. Here are some good snack ideas:

* Pickle spears wrapped in ham (you can even use a cream cheese mix around your pickle before wrapping it in the ham

*Celery stalks with buffalo chicken dip

* Thinly sliced cheese quartered into cracker sized pieces and baked for 35 minutes at 350 degrees to create keto cheese crackers

* Fat bombs- there are a ton of recipes out there. Most involve cream cheese, sugar-free chocolate, and other ingredients to give you a high fat, low carb sweet treat.

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