If It’s Your First Acupuncture Session


When having their pain, cramps or allergies treated with acupuncture Newstead residents have several practitioners from which to choose. However, if you’re new to the ancient Chinese technique of inserting tiny needles in the body’s key points, you may be wondering what to expect. Firstly, acupuncture doesn’t hurt, although some people feel a slight discomfort and minor bruising around the injection site can occur. The chances of catching an infection are virtually zero, as today’s needles are only used once then disposed of. Your acupuncture specialist will probably suggest an initial meeting before any session; it’s a good opportunity to have any questions answered. Acupuncture isn’t for everyone, and if you have a bleeding disorder, are pregnant or have a pacemaker, it should be avoided. But there’s no doubt that this centuries old technique can treat a variety of ailments and conditions, as it has done for millions of people.

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