How to Buy Stocks: Tips for Beginners


You don’t become a stock market trader overnight! How do you buy stocks after the price drop in early 2022 when you’re new? Tips and best investing stocks practices before you invest in the stock market.

Why invest?

We think it is evident to everyone that it will be pretty challenging to work constantly and earn well. Accordingly, the money you earn now should cover your basic needs, and the money you have left should work for your carefree life after the end of the active phase of your career. The more money that works for you, the faster you will be able to become financially independent.

The effect of accrued interest can be achieved only with a long-term strategy of permanent investment (when every month or year you constantly save and invest a certain amount or percentage of your income for 10-30 years).

Where to start?

Here are several ways to invest in the stock market, by positioning oneself on various financial instruments and on different envelopes. Of course, to make the best possible investment, the investor must consider his objectives, skills, and investment horizon. And besides, trading and managing stocks live is now easier than ever due to the many tools and extensive knowledge base available.

Buying shares on the stock market directly

To invest in the stock market, and this is normally the first thing that comes to mind, it is possible to buy shares directly. This strategy, which concerns medium to long-term investments, can be implemented in different ways.

Investing in financial markets with derivatives

Another option to consider is investing in derivatives, most often with leverage, to speculate on a security in the short term. This is more trading than investing. Derivatives are however to be reserved for the most informed investors, who are able to understand the complex functioning of these products, which often take into account the time value and monitor stocks real time situation. However, these derivatives are not only useful for short-term trading. They can also be used as portfolio hedging tools.

Define your stock market investment strategy

Before investing in the stock market, determine your investment strategy. You will rely on your investor profile, your investment horizon (investment duration), as well as your profit goals, as well as the maximum amount of loss you can take.

These elements will help you determine the optimal risk/reward ratio and guide you through your stock market portfolio to get started in the stock market and invest in securities in full knowledge of the facts.

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