Finding A Training Day Venue


Finding a training day venue can be a daunting task, with so many decisions to make. Will the training room fit your needs? What about internet access? Do you require food and drink for participants? Is there parking available on-site or nearby? The list goes on!

This article will discuss three main points that need to be considered when looking for training day venues. These are location, capacity, and catering options.

What would be the best location for a training venue?

Your training venue location should be based on where your participants will be coming from. If they are traveling a long distance, it may not make sense to travel across town for training. The further away you want people to come, the larger the building and parking area you need to accommodate their needs. For example, suppose your training is in a large city accessible by public transit. In that case, you should consider training venues in the suburbs or downtown.

What are the different capacities to keep in mind when looking for a training day venue?

It would be best to consider how many people will be attending your training and what size training room they will require. For example, if you have training for 20 people, you could opt to do two back-to-back training sessions or one long training session.

What are the best choices for catering?

When training, food and drinks are essential to keep attendees energized. There are many different options for catering:

– Cafeteria-style where there is a set menu with seating at tables for people to order from, or you can have one of the vendors sell their items in your training room

– Buffet style where choices are wide and varied.

We hope this information is helpful for you, and you’ll be able to find the perfect training venue for you and your audience.

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