Finding A Chocolate Granola Recipe

Finding A Chocolate Granola Recipe

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Adding chocolate to granola is a staple of homemade energy bars. Commercially produced granola or oatmeal bars use chocolate aplenty in order to boost taste and make it seem more appealing. The downside is that cheap producers of breakfast food do not always use premium chocolate, but you have the power to do otherwise. Since most oatmeal bar recipes contain sugar or honey as a binder, there is no reason to use sweetened chocolate. Find recipes to make your own chocolate granola products.

The basic recipe is to mix dry and wet ingredients, let it sit until the dry ingredients absorb some of the moisture, and then let it bake in a pan until it is ready to cut into bars. Finding a recipe can make for a more interesting or nutritious bar. Ingredients like semisweet chocolate can be bought in bricks at a substantial cost savings.

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