Few Environmental Advantages of Using Corrugated Packaging Box

Few Environmental Advantages of Using Corrugated Packaging Box

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These days most of the companies are concerned about the environmental protection. Not only the product should be easily affordable but also the demand for those products that are environment friendly is growing very fast. Another reason is that consumers are also demanding environment friendly packaging of the product.

Following are few environmental and operational advantages of using packaging box by using corrugated cardboard material.

  • Corrugated cardboards are made from renewable items

Most of the materials used for making this packaging material either comes from natural trees or recycled contents. These natural trees like birch or pine can be grown easily in different kinds of weather conditions. These trees also grow much faster as compared to hardwood trees. Such trees can be easily harvested in any well managed forests so that it can be used for making corrugated cardboards.

  • Can protect the item

Any item packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes can be safely kept and shipped to any place without any damage.

  • Corrugated cardboards are recyclable

This kind of packaging materials can be recycled extensively and when they are recycled again then in order to create the new material also needs less amount of energy. When producing these packaging materials sometimes 100 per cent recycled items are used and sometimes 70 to 80 per cent recycled items are used and therefore it is considered as a green solution for packaging items. Also, since this material is biodegradable, it can be easily disposed off.

  • This material is reusable

Most of these card board boxes are made with flexible corners, it can be again used if it is needed before you send them for recycling. Therefore, many companies who want to cut their cost of operation often prefer to reuse the old packaging box as this can save some money in purchasing again new set of boxes. Besides that, you can also reduce the scraps.

  • Energy efficient to create new box

During the production of such corrugated cardboard material, lots of used and recycled cardboards are used and therefore it requires less amount of energy to produce them. Thus, it can save lots of energy during their manufacturing.

You can change the thickness of this material as per the need so that you can perfectly fit your product. Therefore, it can be used for almost any kind of industry.

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