Explain Quantum Water Disinfection


Electrical and chemical based water disinfection techniques cost too much and require continuous supply of electricity or proper renewal to ensure retention of disinfectant chemicals. Quantum Water Disinfection requires no electricity, no maintenance, no added on chemicals for the disinfection of water. It is highly advanced technology in which small catalytic sites are generated by using the electron movement principle of semi conductors. These catalytic sites become strongly charged and start attracting electrons. The bacteria passing through the water emit their electrons to these sites and are thus eliminated.

This disinfection technique is certified to NSF 42 ensuring that it does not leach anything into the water.
EPA, Eurofins, NC State University, Proteus, Avazyme and many more reputed labs have tested and approved this technique. It is mainly used as primary disinfectant method after filtration and just before the supply of usable water. The industries where it has its best utility are drinking water, surface water, cooling tower, breweries, hotels, food and beverage, agriculture, in rural areas deprived of power supply etc.

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