Evaluating Zeiss Sports Glasses


The primary product for Zeiss sports glasses are their wrapped framed lenses. They are made with special adherence to certain principles to maintain the individual’s vision despite the curvature of the lenses around the face.

Zeiss wrapped frames offer additional protection from wind, UV light, and lateral glare. This makes them perfect for active lifestyles and sports applications through the curvature of the lens around the sides of the face.

The lenses tilt and require a special correction to be made to the optics to correct the distortion. This is mandatory as aberrations and distortions impair the vision of the wearer. Zeiss’s single vision and progressive lenses are specially made to compensate for this distortion.

Zeiss takes this compensation even further by offering cosmetic edge technology to reduce the lens thickness on its wrapped framed lenses. The technology employed can reduce the thickness of minus lenses by up to 30%. The popularity of this correction makes Zeiss wrapped frames an excellent choice for your sportswear.

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