Drag Queen Padding For You

Drag Queen Padding For You

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Drag Queen Padding is a new panty style gaining popularity and has even earned its clothing line. The fabric used in drag queen padding is a too light and thin type of material that allows for a very skimpy feeling that still gives the body plenty of coverage.

Many of the older performers who started in the industry many years ago were able to wear sheer and skimpy drag queens clothing to push them to perform even better than they already were. If you want to make your limits and try something daring, then going with some extra drag queen padding is the way to go.

Some of the reasons some dancers choose to use some butt enhancer or butt pad are the pain involved with getting in those awkward positions. This is why some better quality butt enhancers can work around your problems while you’re on stage. Drag Queen padded panties can also do this same thing while you are dancing without any pain.

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